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Chronic kidney disease - mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD)

The research group "Chronic kidney disease - mineral and bone disorder, CKD-MBD", headed by Prof. Dr. Bielesz, deals with disorders of bone metabolism and mineral homeostasis in patients with chronic renal failure.

These include disorders of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D balance, renal osteodystrophy (secondary osteoporosis), and arterial vascular calcification.

The working group pursues two main topics:

  • A deepening of the pathophysiological understanding of the CKD-MBD syndrome
  • To improve the non-invasive diagnosis of renal osteodystrophy using serological markers or experimental imaging. Patients with chronic renal failure show an excessively increased cardiovascular mortality, which cannot be explained by classical mechanisms (atherosclerosis). Generalized vascular calcification as a consequence of CKD-MBD is likely to be mainly responsible for this, affecting many but not all patients

The future goal of the research group is to deepen the pathophysiological understanding of vascular calcification and to identify new markers that can predict progression of vascular calcification.