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Referral information

How do patients receiving care at the AKH access dietary counseling/nutritional therapy?

For dietary care at AKH, inpatient or outpatient medical care must already have taken place at AKH. A request for a dietetic consult is made via a clinical order (KLAT) through AKIM. You can find brief instructions on how to do this on the intranet (Channels>AKIM>Learn about AKIM>Dietologic Consil). Please fill out all fields in the request mask as completely as possible. This will ensure a quick turnaround and high quality dietetic care.

Where do dietetic consultations/nutritional therapies take place?

For outpatients, dietary consultations and nutritional therapies take place in the outpatient department of the referring hospital. For inpatients, the nutritional consultations or nutritional therapies take place on the respective ward.

Where can I find information material for my patients regarding nutrition?

Written ISO-certified documents provided by the nutritional medicine consultation team are handed out by the dieticians in the course of the dietary consultation and, if necessary, individually adapted to the patients' needs. If you have any questions about the brochures, please contact the dietology team.