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Block 13

MCW-Block 13: Nutrition and Digestion
Block-Coordinator: Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Trauner

Consultation hour: with advance notice by E-Mail:

Duration of the block: 4 Weeks (20 working days) 

Tutoring: 54 academic hours of lecture, 9 academic hours of small groups

Schedule 2021.

The timetables for 2022 are currently being worked on and will be put online as soon as possible.

Small group -Coordinators

Biochemistry-Internship:    Prof. Hildegard Laggner

Nutrition Internship:    Dr. Zapletal Bernhard

Histology-Internship:     Prof. Josef NeumüllerProf. Klara Weipoltshammer

Pathological-histological Internship:    Dr. Herac-Kornauth Merima