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Ward und weekly clinic 21H

Ward 21 H includes 24 normal care beds for carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic measures on inpatients in the department, with 12 beds being run as a weekly ward. 

In addition to the typical devices and options of a normal care ward, there is also a small ward laboratory and an ultrasound examination device available. The main clinical tasks include the diagnosis and treatment of patients with gastroenterological and hepatological diseases

patients with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases,
treatment of complications of acute or chronic liver diseases,
Clarification and evaluation for liver transplantation
as well as aftercare st.p. LTX,
Therapy of diseases of the bile ducts and pancreas,
Implementation of oncological therapy measures,
artificial nutrition therapy,
ultrasound guided drainage treatments,
organ biopsies and punctures,
treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding,
as well as pre and post care after interventional endoscopic measures.

Furthermore, there is a care mandate in the sense of taking over and continuing to care for patients in the emergency room via the so-called quota bed regulation, which means that the spectrum of patients to be treated includes all diseases of internal medicine.

Medical Director: Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Trauner

Senior Physician: Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Clemens Dejaco

Care area management: DGKS Natascha Papouschek, MBA

Ward nurses: DGKS Adelheid Weinmüller, DGKS Petra Rausch